Provider number
Trading name
National Business Institute of Australia
Managerial agent
Chief Executive - Mr Peter Drapac
Decision type
Details of decision

The Tribunal sets aside the decisions under review and in substitution decides that:
The Applicant’s registration now contains the following conditions pursuant to section 29 of the NVR Act:

  1. For the entire period of its registration, the Applicant must maintain and submit to ASQA within seven days of request, a register of its trainers and assessors including the following:
    1. Training products the relevant trainer is engaged to train or assess;
    2. Current employment status;
    3. Contact details; and
    4. Relevant qualifications
  2. For the entire period of its registration, the Applicant must securely retain and provide to ASQA on request:
    1. Copies of all completed assessment items for each student (per the definition in ASQA’s General Direction – Retention requirements for completed student assessment items), and copies of all master assessment tools and marking guide used for each assessment; and
    2. Copies of all pre-enrolment assessment and tools including but not limited to, the LLN assessment tool, marking guide and LLN assessment outcomes.
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In effect
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No review available