Decision information

Date of decision
Decision type
Part suspension
Details of decision
  1. Suspend, under s 83(3)(b) of the ESOS Act, the following part of the provider’s registration:
    1. BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management
    2. BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) and
    3. any new training package product that would be automatically added to the scope of registration because it is equivalent to one which appears above at the following location:
      1. Level 1, 533 Little Lonsdale Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000.
    4. During the period of suspension, require under ESOS Act s 95 , the registered provider not to:
      1. do anything for the purpose of recruiting or enrolling overseas students or intending overseas students for the course at the location; or
      2. solicit or accept any money from an overseas student or an intending overseas student for the course at location; or
      3. if an accepted student has not begun the course permit the student to begin the course at the location. 
Status of decision
Reconsideration finalised – decision revoked
Status of review
No review available

NVR Act or ESOS Act

NVR Act or ESOS Act