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Latest regulatory decisions

3 April 2017

ASQA has taken regulatory decisions against two related training providers - Asia Pacific Training Institute Pty Ltd and Franklyn Scholar (Australia) Pty Ltd.

17 March 2017

ASQA has cancelled the registration of DIY Training Services Pty Ltd (RTO number 40740).

14 March 2017

Decisions by ASQA to cancel the registration of three Get Qualified Australia entities have come into effect.

2 March 2017

Sage Academy Training Pty Ltd (RTO ID 41505); Premier Training Institute Pty Ltd (RTO ID 41414); Safety and First Aid Education Pty Ltd (RTO ID 32422).

28 February 2017

Regulatory scrutiny of the two training providers had identified behaviours that were non-compliant with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework.

28 February 2017

ASQA today announced that it had cancelled the registration of Australian Vocational Learning Institute (AVLI, RTO number 21289).

8 February 2017

Cancellation of registration as a provider of vocational education and training (VET) services.

11 January 2017

ASQA has recently made a number of regulatory decisions.

5 January 2017

ASCET Institute of Technology (RTO ID 20770).

5 January 2017

ASQA has taken these decisions following regulatory scrutiny of each training provider.