Withdraw registration

If you wish to withdraw your CRICOS registration, you will need to apply to ASQA.

Until ASQA has approved your application:

  • you will remain registered as a CRICOS registration on PRISMS
  • the legal requirements for all CRICOS providers continues to apply to your organisation
  • your organisation is responsible for any relevant fees or charges.

How to submit your withdrawal application

To withdraw your registration, you will need to use the ‘Application to withdraw registration’ process in asqanet.

You will be required to demonstrate that you have made appropriate arrangements for the completion or transfer of all current students.

There are no fees for applying to withdraw your RTO registration.

If you are also seeking to withdraw your registration as a registered training organisation (RTO), please refer to Withdraw your RTO registration.

How we process your withdrawal application

ASQA will review your application to withdraw your CRICOS registration to make sure you can comply with all applicable conditions.

Outcome of your withdrawal application

If we approve your application

  • We will tell you our decision in writing.
  • We will tell you the date that your registration withdrawal takes effect.
  • We will make any changes needed to CRICOS (via PRISMS) as a result of our decision.

If we reject your application

  • We will tell you our decision in writing.
  • We will give the reasons for our decision.

Requirements after withdrawing

Following the withdrawal of your CRICOS registration there are a number of important legal obligations that will require your attention.



Forward ASQA an electronic copy of the records for each student who was enrolled in a course during your RTO's period of registration

Within 30 days of the date the withdrawal takes effect

Pay any outstanding fees

Within 30 days of the date you are issued with an invoice

Comply with all reporting requirements

Dependent on the reporting requirement

CRICOS withdrawal fees

There are no ASQA fees for applying to withdraw your CRICOS registration.

Help with your application

For help or more information on any topic, contact the ASQA Info Line.

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