How we process applications

This process applies to all kinds of Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) applications.

Additional details apply for each application type. Check the relevant page.

See ASQA's performance standards to see how long this process takes for different types of CRICOS applications.

Preliminary review

When conducting a preliminary review, we:

  • confirm that you have submitted all required documents
  • confirm that you have completed all documents correctly
  • confirm that you have paid all applicable fees and charges
  • conduct a preliminary risk assessment of your organisation.

Detailed review

We review your application, plus all other available information. This may include:

  • your history as a training provider
  • your business status with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • other sources of ASQA risk intelligence.

Our decision

Your application has to demonstrate to our satisfaction that you can comply with all relevant requirements.

We might decide to:

  • approve your application in full
  • approve your application but apply specific conditions
  • approve some parts of your application and reject others
  • reject your application in full.

No matter what, we will:

  • tell you the decision in writing
  • tell you the reasons for the decision
  • make any changes to CRICOS and that are needed as a result of the decision.

If you disagree with the decision, you have options.

At any stage during the application review process:

  • we might decide to reject your application
  • we might contact you for more information—in some cases, deadlines will apply to your response to such requests
  • we might decide to conduct a compliance audit which includes a site visit to one or more of your delivery locations—this would involve additional charges.
Learn more about ASQA audits.
If any outstanding fees or charges are unpaid, we will not progress your application.
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