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Renew a VET accredited course

Before applying to renew your course, you will need to review your course to ensure it complies with the current standards and meets current industry needs.

You must provide evidence to demonstrate there is an ongoing industry, enterprise, education, legislative or community need for the course.

You must fully review your course content for potential duplication with training package content. A new training package unit of competency, skill set or qualification that covers the same outcomes as your course may have been endorsed since your course was last accredited. ASQA will only consider renewing your course if it does not duplicate the outcomes of existing training package content.

Your course document should reflect how you have used the monitoring and evaluation (during the course's accreditation period) to develop your revised course document. Refer to Section B: 3.2 of the Accredited course document template.

Submit your course using ASQA’s Accredited course document template (DOC). You must submit the course as a single Microsoft Word document.

When should I apply?

Course owners must apply to renew accreditation of their existing course at least 90 days before its accreditation expires.

To meet this submission deadline, you must begin the preparation for renewing your course well in advance of this 90-day cut-off date.

If you apply to renew your course at least 90 days before your current accreditation expires, the course accreditation will be taken to continue until ASQA makes a decision about the renewal application. A formal application to extend the accreditation of the course is not required.

Which form do I use?

Use the Application for Accreditation—initial or renewal (DOC).

How long does renewal of accreditation take?

You should allow at least six months for assessment of your application. In most cases, if your submission is complete, and is developed in accordance with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012, Standards for Training Packages and the Australian Qualifications Framework, your application will be processed within six months. You can check the progress of an application by emailing accreditation [at] asqa.gov.au.

Is there a fee?

The fee for the renewal of course accreditation is $8070 per course.

A full list of fees is available in the Guide to ASQA’s fees and annual registration charges (PDF).

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