ASQA accepts complaints about providers from all members of the community.

You can also provide feedback or make a complaint about ASQA.


asqaconnect is a dedicated portal for the ASQA stakeholder community. asqaconnect launched in December 2019.

asqaconnect provides information to people experiencing issues with a provider and their training. The portal also allows users to make a complaint about a provider, based on the type of problem they are facing.

Previously, complaints could be lodged using asqanet.

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Poor quality delivery can affect students, industry, and the community. Your complaints contribute to the protection of the VET and ELICOS sectors, and we encourage you to support quality providers by reporting your concerns.

ASQA is not a consumer protection agency and cannot act as an advocate for individual students.

The most effective and timely way to resolve complaints is through your provider’s complaints and appeals process. Providers that offer courses to domestic and overseas students are required to have a complaints process in place that ensures students’ complaints are managed effectively and efficiently.

More support

  • Consumer protection agencies
  • Ombudsmans
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