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Provider profiles

ASQA has made an important shift in how it manages provider risk—moving from ‘provider risk ratings’ to ‘provider profiles’. Risk ratings are often used in transactional regulatory models where regulation focuses largely on assessing applications for approval. ASQA’s regulatory approach has shifted from a transactional model to a risk-based model, which relies on the analysis of data and intelligence and the identification of risks posed at both the system and provider levels.

About provider profiles

Under this method, each provider’s profile is nuanced and dynamic, reflecting a range of data sources; this information does not translate into a single score or rating. Rather, this system allows a detailed profile for each provider, which includes a set of risk indicators. One such indicator is a provider’s ‘Compliance History’.

About the Compliance History indicator

A provider’s Compliance History is an indicator of the provider’s compliance with core regulatory obligations. The Compliance History indicator is based on information about compliance found through audits and complaints, and also takes into account a provider’s ability to meet standard reporting and payment requirements.

Finding out your provider’s Compliance History

You can find out your Compliance History category by emailing enquiries [at] asqa.gov.au. The enquiry must be sent by one of your organisation’s registered email contacts, as listed on training.gov.au.

For privacy reasons, ASQA is unable to provide information on your organisation’s Compliance History over the phone.