Online learning in the VET sector

Background to strategic review

Strategic review into online learning in the VET sector

ASQA announced a strategic review into online learning in the VET sector in our Regulatory Strategy 2020-22.

The aim of the strategic review is consistent with our renewed regulatory approach, which includes strengthening the guidance, support and education we offer to providers to help them understand their regulatory obligations and to self-assure.

This strategic review will seek to understand the challenges that providers, employers and students experience in the adoption and provision of online learning in the VET sector.

Planned actions from review findings

The review’s findings will inform the development of guidance and support ASQA can offer providers to promote quality outcomes in the VET sector and support self-assurance. It will also inform how we engage with our broader stakeholders about online learning and its delivery in the VET sector.

This work will build on the guidance we continue to offer providers that transitioned significant amounts of their training to some form of distance learning, including online learning, in response to COVID-19.

You can see the guidance we provided to assist in this transition on our distance learning page.

The breadth and scale of the transition to online learning in response to COVID-19 presents an opportunity to understand in more detail, the opportunities and risks associated with online learning, and to proactively inform our regulation of online learning, including education and guidance, in the future.

Strategic review resources

Type Resource name and description
Terms of reference
The terms of reference outline the purpose and scope of the strategic review, and provide an overview of how we will undertake consultation.
Webinar: strategic review into building online learning capability in the VET sector
A recording of our live forum to discuss the new e-learning skill set (Deliver E-Learning Skill Set (TAESS00018)), the challenges of training in COVID-19 and ideas for building online learning capability.
Distance learning guidance
Information for VET providers on how to stay compliant when adopting distance learning options.
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