How we regulate

ASQA is responsible for protecting the quality and reputation of the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector. We do this using a risk-based approach to regulating training providers and accredited courses, and by working with other regulators.

We strive to achieve a balance between the interests of Australian industry and employers and of the VET sector.

ASQA’s Regulatory Risk Framework outlines how ASQA identifies and applies proportionate responses to risk in the VET sector.

Risk-based approach

ASQA’s risk-based approach recognises that ASQA cannot mitigate every risk. Instead, we direct our focus to identify and treat the most significant risks.

Where identified issues are beyond our jurisdiction, we collaborate with other regulatory, funding and policy bodies to treat them.

Our primary risk involves training providers that certify a student has competencies that do not reflect their skills, knowledge and attitudes. Inadequate training affects not only the individual but also employers and the wider community.

On a broader level, we address issues that are likely to impact stakeholders' confidence in the VET sector. We give particular priority to those risks that result in significant harm or affect our ability to carry out our functions.

We identify, assess and manage risks to the reputation and quality of the VET sector.

We manage risk on two levels:

  • operational risk (i.e. provider risk)
  • strategic risk (i.e. systemic risk).

Systemic risk

Systemic risk is a risk that exists across the whole sector or in a significant number of providers. These risks may relate to:

  • a particular subsector within the VET system
  • a specific type of qualification, course, or method of delivery.

Where serious systemic risks are identified, ASQA may conduct a strategic review.

The ASQA's Regulatory Strategy identifies the systemic risks that present significant risk to the VET sector as a whole. It outlines the approach we will take to better understanding and treating those risks.

ASQA's risk-based approach is consistent with The Australian Government Regulator Performance Framework.

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