Provider profiles

ASQA’s risk-based regulatory approach analyses collected data to identify risks posed at both systemic and provider levels.

To manage risk at the provider level, one of the tools we use are provider profiles.

A provider profile contains all the data and intelligence we hold about a provider, including their compliance history. We update provider profiles when we receive new data or intelligence.

We refer to a provider's profile when assessing applications, making regulatory decisions and other activities. The information we use from a provider profile varies depending on the type of activity or decision we are making.

What is a compliance history?

Compliance history is an indicator of a provider’s record of meeting their core regulatory obligations. We base compliance history on information received through audits, complaints and other sources. A provider’s record of meeting standard reporting and payment requirements is also part of their compliance history.

If you are a training provider registered with ASQA, you can find out your compliance history by emailing The request must be from one of your organisation’s designated email contacts, as listed on

For privacy reasons, ASQA is unable to provide information on your organisation’s compliance history over the phone.

Read more in our fact sheet, Provider risk—Compliance History.
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