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Assessment of your application to renew RTO registration

ASQA takes a risk-management approach to assessing all registration applications. ASQA uses a structured process to assess applications and ensure they meet all the requirements for continued registration before approval is granted. 

The application must meet the requirements at each stage before it can be progressed. 

Renewal applications—key dates

You must submit a complete application to renew registered training organisation (RTO) registration at least 90 days before your registration is due to expire. 

If ASQA receives a complete renewal of registration application, with fees fully paid before the 90-day cut-off date, your organisation’s registration will continue until the application is decided. In these circumstances, ASQA will ensure your registration remains current until your application has been finalised.

For application processing times, please see the ASQA service standards.

The assessment process

Risk assessment

ASQA reviews the suitability of the nominated senior and/or influential personnel to confirm that the applicant meets all fit and proper person requirements. ASQA may also investigate the organisation’s business status through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

If all suitability and business status requirements are satisfied, ASQA then considers the following three factors:

  • qualifications/units on the RTO's scope
  • the RTO’s risk rating, and
  • time elapsed since the RTO’s last full scope audit.

Some applications to renew registration are approved following this risk assessment. However, in most cases, an audit will be conducted.

ASQA may also reject your application for renewal of registration at this stage, for example, if:

  • if your RTO has not delivered any training and/or assessment,
  • the application is still incomplete after ASQA has requested additional information or evidence, or
  • you have failed to meet the 'fit and proper person' requirements.

Renewal audit

Risk assessment may indicate that an audit should be conducted.

The audit reviews your compliance with the vocational education and training (VET) Quality Framework. The auditor (or audit team, which may include industry specialists) examines the strategies, resources and materials your organisation uses to deliver the qualifications or units of competency in your scope of registration.

The auditor may also investigate the ongoing:

  • effectiveness of management systems, delivery strategies and other materials
  • implementation of delivery strategies meets training package and/or accredited course requirements
  • suitability of facilities and equipment, and
  • credentials of nominated delivery personnel.

If non-compliance is found at audit

If your organisation does not comply, you have 20 working days to provide additional or amended evidence to demonstrate full compliance. ASQA analyses this additional evidence before it approves or rejects the application.

This process may also result in your organisation being approved for registration for some training products in your application, but rejected for others. ASQA may also grant approval with specific conditions applied to the registration.