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Comply with other relevant legislation

All registered training organisations (RTOs) have an obligation to comply with relevant Commonwealth, state or territory legislation and regulatory requirements. 

RTOs must ensure that their staff and clients are fully informed of legislative and regulatory requirements that affect their duties or participation in vocational education and training (see Clauses 8.5 and 8.6 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015).

Statutory Education licence

Provisions under Part VB of The Copyright Act 1968 allow all educational institutions to copy and communicate third party material to distribute to students, within the limitations of the Statutory Education licence. The Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) administers the Statutory Education licence on behalf of the Attorney General's Department.

Any RTO electing to rely on this licence is legally allowed to introduce a wide variety of material into its training environment, both in hardcopy and digital format, without having to obtain direct permission from the owner. It facilitates compliance and good governance across the industry, while at the same time ensuring the freedom and flexibility of sharing information without infringing copyright legislation.

Without this licence an educational institution is generally not allowed to reproduce any third party material from any source, other than where there is a direct licence/subscription in place, or permission has been granted by the creator of the work.

For further details about the Statutory Education licence and/or how to apply, call CAL's education team on 02 9394 7600 or email educationlicences [at] copyright.com.au.