Student records register

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Provider number(s) Legal name Sort descending Trading name Type of closure Records are available
52681 A & M Freeman Enterprises Pty Ltd as trustee for the Freespot Trust Fluid Maintenance Australia Withdrawn YES
30850 A P & C J Burnham Burnham & Associates Training Consultancy Withdrawn YES
40769 AAA Len's Driving School Len's Driving School Withdrawn NO
40757 AACAT Pty Ltd Oceania Assessment and Training Experts Cancelled YES
32086 Aakira Pty Ltd Training Ahead Aus. Withdrawn YES
52615 Abacus Training Institute of Australia Pty Ltd Abacus Training Institute of Australia Cancelled NO
02834G ABC Study Group Pty Ltd Cancelled NO
91794 ABE Education Pty Ltd 123ABE Education, AAABE Education, 001 ABE Withdrawn YES
4355 Aboriginal Dance Theatre Redfern Incorporated Aboriginal Dance Theatre Redfern Cancelled NO
45158 Academic Institute of Melbourne Pty Ltd Cancelled NO
40893 Academy of Global Business Training Pty Ltd Global Business Trainer Expired NO
90945 Access Community Group Ltd Withdrawn YES
31743 Accredit Training International Pty Ltd - Withdrawn YES
4236 Accredited Training Centre of Australia Pty Ltd - Renewal rejected YES
40571 Ace Training Institute Pty Ltd Cancelled NO
40571 Ace Training Institute Pty Ltd - Cancelled NO
41115 Acert Training Pty Ltd as trustee for the Acert Training Unit Trust Cancelled NO
40175 ACN 008 031 810 Pty Ltd VTECH Automotive Training Withdrawn YES
41359 ACNT Health Holdings Pty Ltd Withdrawn YES
40264 ACT Education Group Pty Ltd Adelaide College of Technology Cancelled YES
40264 ACT Education Group Pty Ltd Adelaide College of Technology Cancelled YES
2462 ACT Government Health Directorate - Cancelled YES
31455 ACTE PTY LTD Australian College of Training and Employment, EVOCCA College, Nuvocca, The Change Academy, Academy for Tourism and Hospitality, Art Intelligence, Australian Institute of ICT Expired YES
40408 Active Operations Management Australia Pty Ltd Withdrawn YES
45184 Ad Astra Institute Pty Ltd Cancelled YES
31744 Adamattrin Pty Ltd as Trustee for Mesaric Family Trust (Tri Training - Productivity, Performance, Skills), Tri Training Online College, Forme Education Expired YES
40278 Adelaide Institute of Management and Technology Pty Ltd Withdrawn YES
41368 Adrian Tamas Training Success Australia Withdrawn YES
6977 Adult Migrant English Service (NSW) NSW Adult Migrants English Service, NSW AMES Expired NO
91382 Advanced Education Australia Pty Ltd Sydney College of Skin Care, Australian Business and Carers Academy, National Academy of Natural Medicines Expired YES
41140 Advanced Skills Institute Pty Ltd - Cancelled NO
40683 Advanced Training Institute Pty Ltd - Expired YES
31567 AEG OGDEN (Convex) Pty Ltd AEG Learning & Development Academy Withdrawn YES
30873 Aegis Training Services Pty Ltd - Cancelled YES
41210 Aerodrome Operation Support Pty. Ltd. Withdrawn YES
41486 Aerospace Institute Pty Ltd Withdrawn NO
21832 AGB Group Pty Ltd AGB Training, Australian Global Business Institute, AGB Institute Liquidated YES
90146 Aged & Community Services NSW & ACT Withdrawn YES
22560 Agoge Education Australia Pty Ltd AGOGE Education Australia Cancelled NO
41239 Agritas Trade College Pty Ltd ATF The Trade College Unit Trust Agritas Trade College Pty Ltd Cancelled NO