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VET in schools

ASQA is committed to ensuring the quality of VET delivered to secondary school students (VETDSSS). To provide an overview of the current delivery of VETDSSS, and commit to continuous improvement, we have published VET delivered to secondary school students scoping study.

Next steps

As a result of our study, we are committing to a series of actions designed to support continuous improvement in the quality of VET delivered to secondary school students. ASQA will:

  • provide clearer guidance to assist VETDSSS providers’ compliance with the Standards
  • work with VET regulator partners to identify shared risk and ensure national consistent quality of VETDSSS
  • engage more directly with education departments and schools to increase awareness of regulatory requirements and how they assist quality delivery
  • engage with states and territories on shared risk, promotion of continuous improvement and increase public confidence in students undertaking VETDSSS
  • apply clause 1.6 of the Standards in all performance assessments of VETDSSS providers.

Our study also recommends that in developing the new National Skills Agreement, which will replace the current NASWD, Australian, state and territory governments consider the observations made in this scoping study can contribute to improving the quality and continuous improvement of VETDSSS.


VET delivered to secondary school students scoping study

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Students and teacher interacting in secondary school classroom

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