Evidence for TAE products

All RTOs must meet additional evidence requirements when applying to add any Training and Education (TAE) Training Package products.

What evidence is required?

1. AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued

You must include details of all AQF qualification and statements of attainment issued by your organisation in the previous six months. This information must contain:

  • student name (first name and surname)
  • student date of birth
  • the code and title of the awarded qualification
  • the code and title of the units of competency issued in the statement of attainment
  • the date the student commenced
  • the date the student completed
  • the date the certificate/statement of attainment was issued.

How to add TAE training products

If your organisation meets the requirements to add TAE training products to your scope of registration, you may do so following the standard process for adding items.

You will need to include additional evidence when adding TAE products, and this evidence must be clearly labelled. We need to be able to easily identify what type of evidence each item is and the product to which it relates. For example, file names might be:

  • CIV40116 Training and assessment strategy
  • CIV40116 Trainer and Assessor qualifications summary—John Smith

Where possible, you should include the file name within the document itself (e.g. in the title or footer).

We will return your application if it is incomplete or supporting evidence is not clearly labelled.

Please note that asqanet has a maximum upload capacity of 10MB per file. Please contact enquiries@asqa.gov.au if you are unable to meet this limit when submitting the required evidence.

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