Change scope of registration

'Scope of registration' defines the services, training package qualifications or competencies that a training provider is approved to deliver.

Change to scope of registration

Providers can apply to add or remove qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses through asqanet. A change to a scope of registration may also be necessary when a training package product is revised.

Approval from ASQA is required before any changes are made to the qualifications or units of competency.

Requests to amend or withdraw an application can be made by emailing Amendments and withdrawals can be made if a performance assessment has not commenced.

Changes to scope of new providers

If your provider has been registered for less than two years, you will need to provide additional information when applying to change your scope of registration, including:

We assess change of scope applications made by new providers through a performance assessment.


Fees may apply for changing scope of registration, including for performance assessments, if required. For a full list of ASQA fees and charges, please read Guide to ASQA fees and charges.

Fees and charges relief

ASQA is waiving some fees and charges for:

  • VET providers and accredited course owners until 1 July 2022
  • ELICOS providers until 31 December 2022.

The introduction of ASQA’s full cost recovery will be deferred a further 6 months to 1 July 2022.

Changes to the scope of CRICOS providers

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) providers seeking to change their scope of registration for courses offered to overseas students need to also submit an ‘Application to amend CRICOS registration’.

For more information, see Change CRICOS scope of registration.

How to add qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses to your organisation’s scope of registration.

Apply via asqanet to remove qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses from your scope of registration.

Find out about transitioning equivalent and not equivalent training package products.

Find out how ASQA decides whether to approve or reject change of scope requests from providers.

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