Application outcome

We consider the findings of the assessor’s assessment and report when deciding on initial registration applications.

Once we arrive at a decision, we will notify you of the outcome and provide you with a copy of the performance assessment (audit) report.

If ASQA approves your application

If we approve your application, we will issue you with:

  • a certificate of registration
  • a letter outlining your organisation’s obligations
  • confirmation of your registration period
  • details of any special conditions which apply to your registration.

In most cases, we approve new RTOs for an initial registration period of two years. This initial registration period allows us to assess and manage the risk to the sector that new RTOs can present.

Meeting your obligations after registration

If we approve your RTO registration, you must ensure you are delivering high-quality training and assessment at all times.

You must comply with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and meet other provider obligations.

At the end of your initial registration period, you will need to show consistent compliance to renew your registration.

We apply a risk-based approach to regulation, consistent with the Australian Government Guide to Regulation. This approach means we can apply a range of regulatory responses in proportion to identified risks.

If your organisation is failing to meet its obligations, we may impose one or more of the following actions:

  • shorten your registration period
  • impose conditions on your registration
  • amend/suspend all or part of your scope of registration
  • reject your applications to add new training products to your scope of registration
  • issue an infringement notice
  • apply restrictions to your operations, including restrictions on enrolling students into courses or allowing students to begin courses
  • cancel or not renew your registration.

ASQA makes these decisions based on:

  • the regulatory obligation breached
  • your past performance and attitude to compliance
  • other factors relevant to the case, including the impact on students, industry and the sector.

If ASQA rejects your application

If we deny your request for registration, we will notify you of the reasons for this decision.

If you are not satisfied with a decision made by ASQA, you have several options:

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