ASQA delegations

In line with the Australian Government’s commitment to reducing the regulatory burden on business, ASQA offered a package of regulatory reform initiatives in 2014. This included ASQA providing selected registered training organisations (RTOs) with the ability to manage their own scope of registration.

These RTOs are able to add new training products to their registration without applying to ASQA and paying an application fee.

ASQA's criteria for being considered for a delegation

An ASQA delegation is approved for RTOs with a strong history of VET compliance and who make frequent and extensive changes to their scope of registration. It is a functional mechanism enabling these RTOs to manage their own scope of registration.

To be considered for a delegation, an RTO is required to demonstrate they:

  • have appropriate systems in place to manage the delegated function
  • have a history of frequently adding to scope
  • a strong history of VET compliance over a full registration period.

In deciding whether to proceed with consideration of a delegation, RTOs are urged to:

  • consider the benefits and implications a delegation may have to their organisation and business processes
  • consider its ability to comply with the responsibilities and obligations of an ASQA delegate
  • compare the costs to the benefits of accepting the responsibility of amending your own scope of registration.

List of RTOs with ASQA delegations

RTO ID Delegation start date Delegation end date
90003 Technical and Further Education Commission
4687 Box Hill Institute
0101 Canberra Institute of Technology
40939 Central Queensland University
0260 Chisholm Institute
0416 Holmesglen Institute
3059 Swinburne University of Technology
0275 TAFE Queensland
41026 TAFE SA
22175 Y Learning & Development Pty. Ltd.
30895 Xamerg Pty Ltd
4909 Federation University Australia
3097 Wodonga Institute of TAFE
22341 Total Business Services & Training Pty Ltd
32052 Future Skills Limited
590 AMES Australia
70045 Karen Sheldon Group Pty Ltd
0417 Gippsland Institute of Technical and Further Education
3094 Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE
0442 Department of Defence
3046 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
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