The following terms, definitions and acronyms are used in the VET sector in Australia and by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

They are provided as general information only and this is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

A (9) | C (8) | D (2) | E (3) | F (3) | I (4) | L (1) | M (1) | N (10) | P (1) | Q (2) | R (8) | S (12) | T (6) | U (1) | V (5)


The bodies that have a stake in the training, assessment and client services provided by vocational education providers.

An organisation representing an industry, including peak business and employer organisations and industry advisory bodies, such as industry skills councils.

National bodies formerly recognised and funded by the Australian Government to develop and maintain training packages specific to particular industry areas; this role is now performed by Skills Service Organisations.

ASQA internal review of a reviewable decision. Only ‘reviewable decisions’ specified in section 169AB of the ESOS Act can be internally reviewed.

Further information is available in the Fact sheet—Reviewing ASQA’s decisions.