ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group Communiqué (September 2021)

Date published

The ASQA SLG held its fourth meeting for 2021 on 14 September.

Chair’s update

The Chair summarised the status of the following key developments:

  • On 1 September ASQA published its 2021–22 Corporate Plan, which articulates a program of work and a framework for performance measurement over the next four years. ASQA plans to consult with the SLG, and a range of other stakeholders, on the progressive implementation of the Corporate Plan deliverables.
  • The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) is reviewing the Standards for RTOs as part of the VET sector Quality Reforms. ASQA and SLG Members are among the organisations and individuals engaging in the DESE-led reform program.
  • ASQA is working with DESE and the Department of Finance to implement the Government decision on cost recovery, including modelling of the proposed schedule of fees and charges that will apply from 1 January 2022. ASQA will discuss these preparations with the SLG.

Review of registration model: Workshop feedback and summary of outcomes

Members reflected on the early ideas generated at this first consultation workshop, held in August 2021, on features of a possible future model for provider registration. The workshop outlined ASQA’s areas of focus across three stages of registration activity: Market entry (activities before applying, and on application); Delivery; and Renewal.

Regulatory risk priorities: Member engagement

Members noted the findings of ASQA’s 2021 Environmental Scan, which were used as a primary source to identify the particular sectors, training products or obligations that pose the greatest risk to the VET sector and which are in ASQA’s authority to address.

ASQA and Members will continue to engage on the regulatory risk priorities and on provider and systemic risk in the sector.

ASQA Provider and Course Owner Survey 2021

Members noted a snapshot of the independent survey report of the ASQA Provider and Course Owner Survey 2021.

In July 2021, ASQA conducted an independent survey of training providers and course owners, which sought provider views on ASQA’s application process, engagement and education activities, audit, preparedness for self-assurance, and information provided by ASQA to support providers through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members noted ASQA’s commitment to analyse and use the results, including in its review of Service Standards, and in performance reporting, such as the Annual Performance Statement of the Annual Report 2020–21.

Engagement and education

Members noted a number of engagement and education developments since the July meeting.

ASQA thanked Members for their participation in the Spotlight On series, including its third series, on Assessment.

In response to a suggestion made by SLG, ASQA is developing a webinar presentation and re-useable content for providers, explaining what happens before, during and after a performance assessment, including the increased focus on continuous improvement and self-assurance.

The ASQA Engagement and Education Management System (EEMS) is currently subject to a request for quote process, and ASQA will involve SLG members in educational content planning and development for the EEMS system once a contract has been awarded.

As featured in the September ASQA Update, the first Insights Paper of the ASQA Strategic Review of Online Learning has been released, in line with the review’s updated Terms of Reference. This iterative approach to the dissemination of findings was discussed with a subgroup of the SLG in August. The approach is designed to foster awareness and support for recommendations and actions arising from the strategic review. ASQA will release further Insights Papers ahead of a final summary report in early 2022.

Members also received a presentation by Education IRC Chair and SLG Member Andrew Shea on the proposed holistic review of the TAE Training package and E-assessment project, which the Skills Service Organisation, PwC’s Skills for Australia, has commenced this month. Andrew Shea will also present a webinar to ASQA staff, and providers, on the holistic review.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the SLG will be held on 18 November 2021.

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