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Survey reaffirms satisfaction with ASQA’s site audit process

8 January 2013

The second round of the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s site audit survey has reaffirmed that providers are satisfied with the national VET regulator’s audit processes.

ASQA Chief Commissioner Chris Robinson said 64 of the more than 100 organisations that were identified as having a site audit finalised between 1 June and 31 August participated in the survey – more than double the number of participants in the first round.

“ASQA – as the national vocational education and training (VET) sector regulator – is committed to ensuring its processes are effective and efficient and site audit surveys are one way the organisation obtains feedback from providers," Mr Robinson said.

In all cases, more than 90% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they found the audit team to be objective, well organised, knowledgeable and professional.

On questions relating to communication prior to the site visit, the majority of respondents indicated it was made clear to their organisation why the audit was being conducted (100%), which standards were to be audited (96%), the members of the audit team (100%) and the audit duration and process (95%).

When asked about the site visit, 98% of respondents reported that the audit purpose, scope and process were discussed at the opening meeting and 94% reported their organisation had the opportunity to provide information about their organisation’s operations.

Of the 32 respondents who reported a change to the audit plan, 88% reported their organisation was kept informed of the changes and the reason for the changes and 94% reported their organisation was given sufficient opportunity to provide evidence during the audit.

Close to 90% of the 46 respondents who indicated non-compliance issues were identified during the audit reported that their organisation was informed of those issues as they were identified.

Of the respondents that indicated the audit report identified non-compliance, 12% (5 respondents) reported the audit report was not clear and sufficiently detailed to enable their organisation to understand any gaps and rectification requirements. This represents a 9% reduction when compared to round 1. Around 86% reported it was clear when further evidence of compliance was due and how to provide it.

When asked about the transparency of the audit process, 89% of respondents reported their organisation was ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with the fairness and transparency of the audit process.

In addition to the survey questions, respondents were asked what, if anything, did their organisation learn (or find of value) as a result of the audit process, how they would change any aspect of the audit process and what comment they would make on any aspect of the audit process.

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