VET accredited courses—applying end dates to enterprise units of competency

VET accredited courses are accredited for a maximum of five years. The start and end dates of a course’s accreditation period are recorded on the national register.

A VET accredited course consists of units of competency:

  • developed specifically for inclusion in a course
  • imported from a training package.

Prior to September 2018, enterprise unit of competency information was not recorded on the national register. Recording this information is now a requirement of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulations 2018. As a result, it is necessary to record an ‘end date’ for enterprise units of competency developed for inclusion in a VET accredited course mapped on the national register.

For all courses accredited by ASQA since September 2019, the end date for enterprise units of competency mapped on the national register align with the end date of the VET accredited course. For example, if a course has been accredited from 9 October 2019 to 8 October 2024, these dates are recorded for the enterprise units.   

Enterprise units of competency from a parent course (the course for which the units of competency were initially developed) can be imported into a second course. If the second course is granted accreditation, the end date for the units will be amended on the national register to align with the end date of the second course.

This requirement will ensure enterprise units of competency do not show as ‘current’ on the national register when the parent course has expired. 

For all current VET accredited courses, end dates for enterprise units of competency will be recorded on the national register over the coming months.

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