Updating your USI transcript if your RTO has closed

24 June 2019

If your training provider is no longer operating and you discover that your USI transcript isn’t showing the training you completed after January 2015 with that RTO, the relevant VET regulator may be able to assist you in some circumstances.

There are three VET regulators. Most training providers are regulated by ASQA.

To see if your RTO was regulated by ASQA:

  1. Go to training.gov.au
  2. Search for your closed RTO
  3. If it was regulated by ASQA then on the registration tab, right at the bottom, it will say:

Exerciser: Australian Skills Quality Authority

If your RTO was regulated by ASQA, complete the Online form—Application for a copy of student records and note under Student Comments “This is a USI update request.”

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