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Understanding Australia’s VET sector

Vocational education in Australia is a large and complex industry, with various government and non-government organisations responsible for different functions related to the sector.

New providers have told ASQA that it can sometimes be challenging to understand exactly “who does what” when it comes to overseeing the sector.

ASQA has published new resources that may help new and established providers understand the key organisations involved in overseeing the sector, and what each organisation does:

  • ASQA’s role in the VET sector (animated video) – this short video explains ASQA’s role as well as the roles of other key organisations that registered training organisations (RTOs) may interact with while engaged in the VET sector.

  •  – this printable document summarises the VET regulatory architecture and briefly describes the roles of the key organisations that share responsibility for quality in the VET sector.

ASQA’s role in the VET sector (animated video)

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