Streamlining ASQA’s VET accredited course application processes

It has been 12 months since ASQA introduced the submission of a VET course concept as the first stage in its initial accreditation process. It is now time to introduce a similar process for renewal of accreditation applications.

What has changed?

Course owners of existing VET accredited courses will be required to submit the new VET accredited course–Intention to renew form as the first stage in the renewal of accreditation process. The introduction of this stage will require course owners to provide evidence that:

  • sufficiently demonstrates the ongoing, established industry need and support for the course to be renewed
  • appropriate industry stakeholders have been identified and agree to be involved in the consultation activities during the review and redevelopment stages.

ASQA will review the VET accredited course–Intention to renew submission and advise applicants whether the information presented demonstrates that the course continues to meet eligibility requirements for accreditation to progress to the next stage in the process. The next stage in the process is known as course redevelopment.

If required, ASQA may seek additional information on the submission. If the additional information is not received within the specified timeframe or the intention to renew submission remains insufficient, the application may be refused.

Why has ASQA made this change?

It is critical that sufficient industry consultation is conducted during the redevelopment of a training product. This new step in the renewal of accreditation application process will help ensure that course owners have appropriate plans in place for consultation with industry stakeholders.

Note that the introduction of the VET accredited course–Intention to renew form does not negate course developers’ responsibility to consult with Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) or Skills Services Organisations (SSOs) during the course redevelopment stage.

When does the change take effect?

The VET accredited course–Intention to renew form is available for use on the ASQA website now. 

All course developers are encouraged to make use of the form as of today so you can benefit from ASQA’s feedback prior to embarking on the course redevelopment stage.

More information

The renewal of accreditation process is described in detail on the ASQA website.

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