Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET sector published

19 January 2023

This week ASQA released the final report for the Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET sector.

Through the strategic review, we found that quality VET can be delivered online and there is no single issue or feature of online learning that poses a greater or lesser risk to quality.

After experiencing the rapid growth of online learning through the COVID-19 pandemic, many students now prefer the flexibility of blended learning. This brings opportunities for providers to expand their offerings and provide students with more choice across the market.

However, the strategic review found that this rapid shift to online learning has increased the prospect of some providers operating in the market with immature risk assessment and self-assurance systems in place. This can limit some providers ability to assure quality outcomes for online or blended delivery.

In 2022-23, ASQA will act where necessary to appropriately address known or emerging risks in relation to online delivery. This includes enhanced guidance to improve provider understanding in relation to the shift or expansion to online delivery.

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