Spotlight On: assessment validation

6 July 2021

This month we continued to share weekly chapters in the latest Spotlight On series, aiming to assist providers to better understand how to enhance their practice when it comes to validating assessment. We’ve been delighted by feedback received on the series, including an RTO leader who said that “as a result of the Spotlight On series, we are updating our policies to reflect the really positive wording used in this series. We are also developing further professional development activities and a link to the series on our Validation SharePoint site.” It is fantastic to hear that providers are finding value in our Spotlight On series. 

We hope you all find the latest chapters useful, including advice on TAE product validationbuilding a validation team and tips around how and when to validate. We’ll conclude the series with an interactive webinar on 15 July, don’t forget to register and submit any questions you might have on this important process to get the best results from training and assessment systems. 

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