Revised policy regarding publication of regulatory decisions

To enhance consumer information and encourage increased compliance with the national Standards by training providers, from 1 July 2016, ASQA will implement a revised policy regarding the publication of its regulatory decisions.

ASQA’s current policy is that information about its regulatory decisions is not published until all avenues of review are fully exhausted, unless ASQA’s Commissioners deem there is a public interest served by earlier publication.

Under the revised policy, information about decisions will be published shortly after they are made.

In the interest of procedural fairness, information published about ASQA’s regulatory decisions will be accompanied by a summary of the reconsideration and review options available to training providers.

Training providers subject to an adverse regulatory decision have a right to have the decision reviewed. In some circumstances a provider may seek an internal reconsideration by ASQA of the decision. In all cases a provider may seek a review of the decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. During a review or reconsideration process, the provider may seek a stay of the decision or an extension of the date the decision takes effect, which permits the provider to continue to operate until the review process is finalised.

The regulatory decisions page on ASQA’s website will be enhanced to include up-to-date information on the status of any review processes.

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