Regulatory flexibility for providers in relation to quality indicator data

29 May 2020

As you are aware, the Data Provision Requirements 2012 require all RTOs registered with ASQA to provide an annual summary report of their performance against learner engagement and employer satisfaction quality indicators. Providers are required to submit their data for the 2019 calendar year by 30 June 2020.

ASQA has determined that it will not take regulatory action against providers that are unable to submit their 2019 quality indicator data.

Providers are still able to submit their data in accordance with the guidance on the ASQA website, but will not face any regulatory action for not doing so, for the current reporting period only.

This decision reflects our commitment to supporting the sector through regulatory flexibility and reducing the regulatory burden during the pandemic. Other initiatives include:

  • allowing providers that need to cease all delivery to maintain their registration by placing it on hold (effectively in hibernation) until the situation improves
  • extending some registration periods to relieve the pressure of upcoming renewal applications
  • postponing some regulatory activities in consultation with providers
  • implementing the government decision to waive/reimburse some fees and charges
  • a new section on the ASQA website that provides compliance guidance to providers that are adapting by offering distance learning options.

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