30 November 2022
  1. The Australian Government, led by the Australian Border Force (ABF), has established a multi-agency operation to identify threats, vulnerabilities and available whole-of-government effects in order to deter and disrupt the exploitation of Australia’s temporary visa program. The operation will also identify and support visa holders who are victims of trafficking or modern slavery practices within the sex industry.
  2. This coordinated effort will specifically identify and treat the threat posed to Australia’s border by those who seek to exploit visa programs and visa holders who are victims of trafficking or modern slavery practices within the sex industry.
  3. OPERATION INGLENOOK will seek out high priority persons of interest, including licensed migration agents and other professional facilitators who are complicit in exploitation, with successful deterrence and disruption coordinated through a multi-agency approach. Information gathered on other identified criminality will inform additional disruption and deterrence in future operations or joint-agency task forces.
  4. Op INGLENOOK is being supported through a whole-of-government approach, with the primary partners being the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). ASQA is an active partner identified as having the ability to implement existing policies and legislative powers to enhance effects delivered by Op INGLENOOK as appropriate.

ASQA participation will:

Respond to requests and raise matters for intelligence regarding our regulated VET organisations to assist with the development of intelligence assessments supporting a broader multi-agency response.

Take the action that is appropriate within our regulatory functions to prevent VET providers from facilitating such activities and enforce conditions of registration as a VET provider. 

If you have any information about concerning behaviour by registered training providers, please register complaints about training providers with ASQA.

You can also contact ASQA on 1300 701 801 (dial +61 3 8613 3910 from outside Australia) between 9am to 7pm (AEDT) Monday to Friday or using our online form.

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