Online learning: Beyond PDFs and Zoom

9 June 2021

ASAQ’s Strategic review of online learning is looking at the extent to which providers have shifted to online modes of delivery, the challenges and opportunities these methods of delivery pose for students and industry, and how we can ensure our regulatory approach remains effective in the online environment. Last month, we came together virtually to continue our discussion on online learning with an interactive webinar, ‘Online learning: Beyond PDFs and Zoom’.

More than 1,200 participants joined to discuss how technology options in education (EdTech) can help to deliver online training and assessment to support quality outcomes for students. The live Q&A featured expertise from across the sector, with insights and advice around the use of various technology solutions to ensure compliance and support providers to self-assure.

Interactive polling during the session yielded interesting results, indicating that while 61 per cent of respondents had delivered some training or assessment online prior to COVID-19, 84 per cent shifted some training or assessment online in response to COVID-19. When asked about their organisation’s capacity to deliver high-quality online training and assessment, most self-reported an ability to deliver quality online training and assessment, but nearly all respondents revealed room for improvement in this ever-changing landscape.

This was the third webinar in an ongoing series, and we look forward to providing further insights, education and guidance regarding online learning during the course of the review.

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