Listing skill sets on will soon be an option

The Standards for VET Regulators 2015 and Standards for RTOs 2015 recognise training package–defined skill sets as nationally recognised training products.

How are skill sets currently listed on

Last month, was enhanced to display implicit skill set registration—that is, the skill sets that an RTO may deliver based on its approved or ‘explicit’ scope of registration. determines your implicit skill set registration by collating:

  • units of competency recorded on as core and named electives within the qualifications on your scope of registration, and
  • units of competency recorded on within your RTO’s explicit unit of competency registration. does not include an indication of the states and territories within which an RTO may be providing training and assessment services for skill sets.

What is changing?

Currently, implicit skill set registration is automatically displayed on the ‘Scope’ tab of your RTO’s record. On 2 September, will cease automatically displaying your implicit skill set registration.

From 2 September, will only display implicit skill set registration on the ‘Scope’ tab of your RTO’s record when the ‘Include implicit skill set scope’ option is selected.

What action does ASQA take in regards to skills set registration?

At this time, ASQA does not provide application and registration services for skill set registration. In terms of compliance, ASQA only includes skill sets within the scope of a compliance audit where there is evidence that the RTO is delivering skill sets.

More information

If you are delivering or intend to deliver a Training Package–defined skill sets listed as implicit scope, you must ensure compliance with the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 and the Standards for RTOs 2015.

For more information on how to ensure compliance when providing training and assessment services for skill sets and implicit units of competency, please see ASQA’s Users’ Guide to the Standards—Clauses 1.1 - 1.4 and Fact sheet—Delivering elective units.

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