Insights from the field – requests for information during a performance assessment

6 July 2021

Our Quality Assessors have been asked recently about the new process of information collection during a performance assessment (audit). This is part of our enhanced approach to regulation, through new assessment practices that use a broader range of evidence to understand the performance of your organisation.

We are seeking to consider a broader range of evidence about how the provider’s systems and practices ensure delivery of high-quality VET informed by feedback from students and industry and in line with relevant policies and legislative obligations. ASQA will request information about your organisation in a staged approach, so that we can properly assess the information as it comes in and determine what additional material may be required. While many providers ask if they can send everything at once, this staged approach allows us to request what is needed, adding efficiency to the process for providers. Generally, information requested will include policies and procedures, training and assessment strategies, assessment instruments, and student and trainer/assessor records.

In addition to information requests, we will interview a sample of management, staff, trainers, assessors and students to gain an understanding of how your organisation operates, and to seek clarification regarding any areas of uncertainty. In some cases, a performance assessment may require a visit to the physical training site.

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