Improvement to timeframe to submit initial accreditation applications

A change in the timeframe for submitting VET course concepts for initial accreditation will apply to all submissions received by ASQA after 31 March 2020.

The current process for submitting an application for initial accreditation includes the submission of a VET course concept for ASQA’s consideration prior to the course being fully developed to meet the requirements of the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications Framework. The assessment of the VET course concept determines whether the proposal meets eligibility requirements for a course to be considered for national recognition.

Where a VET course concept is assessed as meeting eligibility requirements, Course Developers are granted 12 months from the date of ASQA’s written notification that the course can proceed to development. During this time Course Developers must engage with key stakeholders and fully develop the course in accordance with the current requirements using ASQA’s Accredited course document template.

The VET course concept process was implemented in April 2019 with an undertaking to review the process within 12 months of implementation. A review of applications for initial course accreditation received and finalised following the submission of a VET course concept has identified:

  • all applications were submitted within five months of meeting eligibility requirements
  • more than half of the applications were submitted within two months of meeting eligibility requirements.

As a result of this review, owners of VET course concept submissions received after 31 March 2020 that meet eligibility requirements will be granted six months from the date of ASQA’s written notification to:

  • engage with key stakeholders
  • develop the course against current requirements
  • submit the application to ASQA for its consideration on whether to grant national recognition of the course.

This will ensure the demonstrated industry need for the course is validated, supported and course content can be developed in a timely and responsive manner to provide training options for people seeking vocational education and training.

There is no change to the submission date for any VET course concept noted as meeting eligibility requirements prior to 31 March 2020. Courses can be submitted on or before the due date as specified in ASQA’s notice.

For more information visit the ASQA website or contact the Course Accreditation team by email at

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