Greater transparency and consistency of data displayed on the national register for VET accredited courses

ASQA has been working closely with the NCVER to increase transparency and maximise alignment of data published on the national register for VET accredited courses and training packages.

The mechanism for capturing this information was through the Accredited Course Data Entry project for those courses that had delivery data reported in 2017 and 2018 National VET Provider collections.

For the courses reported with delivery data, ASQA entered the unit code and title for all enterprise units of competency and mapped these units to the course on the national register.

In addition to the data entered by ASQA, NCVER also assigned an Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED) field of education code to these units of competency. This was communicated to affected course owners by NCVER in February.

To maintain the integrity of data entered for training products, all courses accredited by ASQA from 31 March 2020 will include this information.

It is the responsibility of the course developer to assign the six-digit field of education code during the unit development stage. Information on assigning the field of education code can be accessed here.

The entering and validation of this data using a centralised approach will contribute to consistency in reporting by RTOs.

For applications currently being assessed or awaiting assessment, ASQA will assign the field of education code on behalf of course owners. The course owner will be advised of the code assigned and be given the opportunity to validate the code prior to publication on the national register.

ASQA’s accredited course document template has been updated to reflect these new requirements.

If you have any queries please email the Course Accreditation team at

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