Co-designing a draft model for self-assurance

3 May 2022

We are continuing to co-design a model for self-assurance with the sector, and have now released the draft model.

Throughout this co-design process, we have progressively refined a set of principles for the self-assurance model with training providers and stakeholders. These principles reflect a shared understanding of what a model should and should not be.

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We are currently undertaking further consultation with the sector via a range of mechanisms including focus groups and in-depth interviews and the annual provider and course owner survey. We will also be implementing a feedback mechanism on the ASQA website. This consultation will test and refine the draft model and help us to understand providers understanding and experiences of self-assurance.

You can provide feedback in a number of ways:

  • registering your interest to participate in online or face-to-face focus groups
  • ASQA’s annual provider and course owner survey to be distributed to providers in May 2022
  • sending direct feedback to ASQA’s Strategic Review team
  • via a feedback mechanism to be made available on ASQA’s website.


If you have a question or comment about self-assurance in the VET sector, you can contact the project team at

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