Bogus VET qualifications

9 June 2023

In carrying out our intelligence gathering, investigation and monitoring work, we occasionally come across bogus or fraudulent qualification documents. Fabricating bogus qualifications and using them to deceive potential employers undermines the integrity of Australia’s VET system, and we will take action against anyone who engages in this practice. Issuing bogus qualifications is an offence under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011, and can lead to civil and criminal penalties.

For employers

When recruiting, especially in roles where a qualification or credential is required, it is important for employers to check the authenticity of qualifications before accepting them on face value.

Our website provides a clear description of the detail required in legitimate qualifications and statements of attainment and employers are encouraged to check certificates provided by candidates to ensure authenticity, by either contacting the issuing provider or accessing the candidate’s Unique Student Identifier (USI) transcript – for more information see Transcript FAQs for employers | Unique Student Identifier (

For providers

Providers should also assess the legitimacy of statements of attainment or qualifications presented by students when granting credit for studies completed at another RTO or any other authorised issuing organisation.

Reporting bogus qualifications

ASQA cannot make a private ruling on the legitimacy of a certificate or statements of attainment, however, we encourage anyone with information about bogus qualifications to submit a report via our stakeholder portal, asqaconnect.

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