asqanet release—what you need to know?

The latest version of asqanet has launched this morning.

This asqanet release will provide services for:

  • third party arrangements—providers are now able to create and cease third party arrangements via asqanet
  • delivery locations—asqanet is now better able to differentiate between VET & CRICOS locations
  • business names—will be sourced directly from the Australian Business Register (ABR)
  • asqaconnect—ASQA’s new online portal for complainants
  • portal user verification—asqanet users will no longer need to respond to secret questions and answers. A verification code will be sent to their registered email.
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Third party arrangements

Notification of third party service arrangements by RTOs will no longer be managed via the ASQA website. Notification of, and updates to, third party service arrangements will be managed via the asqanet Provider Portal. Third party service arrangements previously reported to ASQA will be visible to providers from the Organisation dropdown within the asqanet Provider Portal. Providers will have the ability to notify ASQA of new third party arrangements via this screen, and also end existing arrangements by adding end dates to any arrangements that are no longer valid.

Delivery locations

ASQA is using this update to better differentiate VET and CRICOS locations in application forms, and to more accurately invoice where locations make up part of the invoice calculation.

Business names

asqanet will no longer request applicants and providers to inform ASQA of the business names associated with their legal entity. Instead, this data will be sourced directly from the Australian Business Register (ABR) and applied to their Organisation Details within asqanet.

This change will benefit providers as they will no longer be required to keep ASQA informed regarding their business names via minor change applications.

Providers will be able to identify which of their available business names are relevant to their operations as an RTO, from the Manage Business Names screen within asqanet.


This release introduces a new dedicated portal for the ASQA stakeholder community called asqaconnect. The primary function of asqaconnect is to provide context-sensitive information via FAQ articles for people facing issues with providers and the training being delivered, and also allow stakeholders to lodge provider complaints based on the type of issue they are facing. Complaints will no longer be managed via the asqanet Provider Portal.

Portal user verification

The asqanet Provider Portal and asqaconnect now have a verification code model for account creation and password recovery. Users will no longer need to answer their secret questions to recover their account password.

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