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ASQA Update - November 2020

From our Chief Commissioner

Ms Saxon Rice, Acting Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer
Ms Saxon Rice, Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer

October saw the release of ASQA’s Annual Report 2019-20, ASQA’s appearance at Senate Estimates, as well as a number of important sector engagement activities, including the Provider Roundtable (made up of all peak provider representatives) and Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) meetings.

Our Annual Report reflects a year of unique challenges and change for the VET sector and ASQA, and captures how ASQA’s regulatory approach has continued to evolve in response to the Braithwaite and Joyce Reviews, and the Rapid Review of ASQA’s Regulatory Practices and Processes. It details how ASQA provided a more flexible approach to regulation during the 2019 bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic – both of which affected providers’ ability to operate and deliver services.

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In this edition

  • Significant training packages updates: HLT and BSB
  • AISC Emergency Response Sub-Committee endorses a further two new Skill Sets and ICT Interpretation Guide
  • Infection control amendments
  • Transition extensions

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