ASQA Update - February 2023

2 February 2023

Welcome to the first edition of ASQA Update for 2023

Ms Saxon Rice, Chief Executive Officer

As we begin the new year, I am pleased to announce the publication of the Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET Sector Final Report. This was a significant body of work undertaken following the sector’s response to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. While online learning and blended delivery are not new, the rapid growth of online learning throughout the pandemic resulted in both risks and opportunities.

The Strategic Review found that quality VET can be delivered online and there is no single issue or feature of online learning that poses a greater or lesser risk to quality. However, the review explores how the maturity of risk assessments and systems for self-assurance can support or limit the ability for providers to assure the quality of outcomes achieved. ASQA will continue its focus in this area in a variety of ways and I encourage you to access the detail of the report here.

The ASQA Update provides you with information about ASQA’s key priorities, risks relevant to the delivery of quality VET outcomes, opportunities to engage with ASQA on matters relevant to the sector and resources and guidance to support excellence in training outcomes and delivering on regulatory responsibilities.

This publication provides our insights about risk to the quality of training in the sector. We are keen to make this information accessible to support providers to address these risks within their operations and assure the quality of the outcomes they are seeking for their students, employers and the community.

The ASQA Update connects readers with information about our regulatory activities and how we are working with our stakeholders to implement VET reforms and improve national training outcomes so you can be confident in how we are regulating the sector. Over the coming months, we are also committed to providing greater levels of information to the sector about our performance and average response times throughout the year.

Our regular readers will notice a change in the format of the ASQA Update in this edition. This new format is designed to help our broad range of readers to access information from the national VET regulator that is relevant to them.

There is an electronic format and a downloadable and printable version to make accessing our information more convenient for you. You can now easily share specific articles with your students, staff or broader networks using the individual icons for each article.

I hope you find the first edition of the ASQA Update for 2023 valuable.

Stay safe and well,

In this edition

  • Reminder: AVETMISS VET Provider data due 28 February 2023

  • New version of TAE training package and transition extension information

  • Annual Declaration on Compliance – coming in April 2023

  • Spotlight On Series returning in 2023

  • Infection Control - Remember Codes HLTINF001 and HLTINF003 cease 28 Feb 2023

  • Update on the revised RTO Standards

  • Final report – Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET sector

and more

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