ASQA Update - December 2020

2 December 2020

From our Chief Commissioner

Ms Saxon Rice, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Saxon Rice, Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to our final ASQA Update for 2020, which caps off a significant year of change and reform for both ASQA and the sector. You may notice that this Update looks a little different to our usual style and branding. I am excited to share with you a first glimpse of ASQA’s brand refresh, which we are currently implementing into the New Year. This refresh forms part of our response to the Rapid Review in terms of clarifying and modernising ASQA’s role and regulatory culture. Going forward into 2021, our brand refresh will be crucial in supporting our communication and engagement activities, as well as in supporting ASQA’s regulatory approach and reinforcing our role and capabilities as the national regulator.

The Rapid Review also called for increased education and consultation with the sector, and I have been pleased to see that a number of significant consultation projects are continuing to gather momentum as we reach the end of the year.

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In this edition

  • Our Compliance Policy
  • Strategic review of online learning
  • Self-assurance consultation paper feedback
  • Transition extensions

and much more

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