ASQA releases summary report from self-assurance consultation

18 November 2020

We have released a summary report on the Working together towards effective self-assurance consultation.

Launched in August 2020, this first phase of consultation with the sector sought feedback on:

  • the actions or outcomes needed to increase the focus on effective self-assurance – in the short, medium and long-term
  • how providers already employ effective self-assurance mechanisms
  • how the annual RTO declaration on compliance could be improved to build provider self-assurance capability

We had an encouraging response from the sector, receiving 65 detailed submissions. The information gathered is an important step towards developing a shared understanding of the requirements for self-assurance, and we thank everyone who provided feedback. Read the report to view the feedback from the sector.

As we continue to work towards effective self-assurance, our next steps include:

  • revising the Annual Declaration on Compliance to better support provider self-assurance and continuous improvement
  • delivering our next webinar featuring a panel session with industry expert, Claire Field. This forms part of our webinar series on self-assurance, and further information will be provided soon, and
  • continuing to work with providers, peak representative bodies and the Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG), to develop examples and case studies that help build a shared understanding of self-assurance.

Going forward, our efforts to continue building trust with the sector will be crucial so that providers feel comfortable in sharing how they are seeking to understand and improve their performance. This also involves us being transparent and clear about identified risks to providers, to enable them to critically review their practices in these areas and make any necessary improvements. In addition, we will continue exploring opportunities to identify common areas for improvement and developing appropriate guidance material for providers and the sector.

We look forward to continued engagement with the sector, as we work together towards effective self-assurance and quality VET outcomes. If you have examples of case studies on self-assurance, you can submit an example or case study via an online form.

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