ASQA launches consultation paper on draft compliance policy

25 November 2020

We have released a consultation paper on our draft ASQA Compliance Policy.

The consultation paper contains 11 questions that we would like our stakeholders to respond to. One of the key processes we are seeking feedback on is ‘undertakings to remedy’.

Undertakings to remedy

Currently, providers have 20 working days in which to address any non-compliances identified by ASQA. While non-compliance can often be addressed within this timeframe, significant changes are sometimes required across the organisation to implement a more systemic response to the non-compliance.

Where a provider has demonstrated that they are committed and capable (and the non-compliance is such that an undertaking is appropriate), they may be given the option of entering into an undertaking to remedy.

Undertakings to remedy enable providers to acknowledge the non-compliance and to enter into an agreement with ASQA to remedy the non-compliance within an agreed time period (for example, up to six months).

How to submit your feedback

Feedback on this consultation paper will inform how we design and use undertakings to remedy to build a culture of effective self-assurance and compliance with the sector.

Visit the consultation paper page now to download the consultation paper and draft ASQA Compliance Policy. Details of how to submit your feedback on these documents, via our online form, are included on this page.

We look forward to hearing your views on the new regulatory approaches put forward in these documents.

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