ASQA clarifies position on credit transfers

30 June 2022

We have clarified our position on credit transfer for superseded equivalent units of competency, in response to requests for advice from the regulator.

A review of Clause 3.5 on Standards for RTOs identified a lack of clarity regarding credit transfer and superseded equivalence for students. Following a full review of the Standards for RTOs, Standards for Training Packages as well as AQF, we provide the following clarification:

Advice on managing credit transfer for superseded equivalent units of competency

When a student presents a superseded equivalent unit of competency for credit transfer for the purpose of reducing the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification or skill set, as the training package has determined the unit of competency to be superseded equivalent, a provider can grant credit for that unit without needing to map unit outcomes.

Although not required, providers may take a best practice approach and conduct mapping analysis, especially for those units that have been superseded twice or more despite still being deemed equivalent, to assure themselves the assessment of competence is still relevant.

The clarification that a provider can grant credit for a superseded equivalent unit without needing to conduct mapping should alleviate confusion as to which units of competency are acceptable and not acceptable for credit transfer.

If you are a provider that is registered with ASQA please ensure your current processes are in line with ASQA’s position on credit transfers so that a student’s previous study is treated fairly.

For providers who are not registered with ASQA, please ensure that you are adhering to the guidance of the relevant VET regulator.

For any questions, please contact us.

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