Superseded and deleted ICT Release 5.0 training products

Superseded qualifications

ICT30118 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
ICT40118 Certificate IV in Information Technology
ICT40215 Certificate IV in Information Technology Support
ICT40315 Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies
ICT40418 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking
ICT40518 Certificate IV in Programming
ICT40815 Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies
ICT40915 Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games
ICT41015 Certificate IV in Computer Systems Technology
ICT50118 Diploma of Information Technology
ICT50215 Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games
ICT50318 Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration
ICT50418 Diploma of Information Technology Networking
ICT50515 Diploma of Database Design and Development
ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development
ICT50718 Diploma of Software Development
ICT50818 Diploma of Systems Analysis and Design
ICT50915 Diploma of Digital Media Technologies
ICT60115 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
ICT60215 Advanced Diploma of Network Security
ICT60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis
ICT60415 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Project Management
ICT60515 Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology
ICT80115 Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management

Deleted units of competency

ICTDBS408 Link an RFID system to a database
ICTGAM415 Develop simple environments for 3D games
ICTGAM417 Apply digital effects to interactive products
ICTGAM506 Create complex code for mobile game devices
ICTICT402 Determine project specifications and secure client agreement
ICTICT412 Coordinate and maintain ICT work teams
ICTICT416 Contribute to the development of strategic plans
ICTICT512 Plan process re-engineering strategies for business
ICTICT802 Direct ICT services
ICTICT804 Direct ICT in a supply chain
ICTICT805 Direct ICT procurement
ICTICT806 Direct outsourced ICT services
ICTICT807 Direct research and business response to new ICT technology
ICTICT810 Synchronise ICT projects
ICTNWK414 Create a common gateway interface script
ICTNWK521 Install, configure and test a payment gateway
ICTPMG601 Establish ICT project governance
ICTPMG606 Manage ICT project quality
ICTPMG607 Manage and control ICT project risks
ICTPRG416 Manage a software component reuse library
ICTPRG428 Use regular expressions in programming languages
ICTPRG512 Prepare for the build phase of an ICT system
ICTPRG513 Coordinate the build phase of an ICT system
ICTPRG525 Build Java applets
ICTPRG526 Maintain functionality of legacy code programs
ICTSAS402 Implement configuration management strategies
ICTSAS403 Review site environmental factors prior to ICT system implementation
ICTSAS404 Acquire ICT system components
ICTSAS407 Conduct pre-installation audit for software installation
ICTSAS408 Complete data transition in data migration process
ICTSAS507 Implement and evaluate systems for regulatory and standards compliance
ICTSUS802 Conduct a business case study for integrating sustainability in ICT planning and design projects
ICTSUS803 Research strategies using SAP solutions for sustainable economic and environmental outcomes
ICTSUS808 Plan and manage virtualisation for ICT sustainability
ICTWEB419 Develop guidelines for uploading information to a website
ICTWEB512 Administer business websites and servers
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