ASQA Annual Report 2022–23

19 October 2023

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has tabled its Annual Report 2022–23 in the Australian Parliament.

ASQA continued to perform an essential role in assuring consistent, high-quality vocational education and training through effective and vigilant regulation and supporting the sector to build capability and capacity. In 2022-23 we achieved all 5 of our strategic objectives aligned to our purpose and enabled by the principles of regulatory best practice – continuous improvement and building trust, being risk based and data driven, and collaboration and engagement. 

We adjusted our practices through 2022–23 to respond to government priorities and remain agile and responsive in our regulatory approach, ensuring we were able to employ a mix of education, compliance and enforcement tools to support continuous improvement and act on risks.   

As we emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to work with stakeholders to ensure pragmatic approaches while maintaining essential safeguards. Our efforts encompassed various support measures and regulatory flexibility, recognising the residual impacts and challenges faced by the sector as well as our own agency. 

As outlined in the Annual Report we: 

  • supported self-assurance to build sector capacity for excellence in training outcomes
  • identified Regulatory Risk Priorities through environmental scans, stakeholder engagement, assessment of complaints and intelligence reports to inform decision on regulatory action
  • implemented regulatory activities to treat identified risks: including Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET Sector; VET in Schools sub-group meetings, Trainer Assessor Capability education, international student direct mail campaigns on return to compliance, agent behaviour and fee relief 
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