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Training and Education Training Package (TAE) qualifications play a key role in underpinning the quality of the entire VET system, and accordingly, the quality of every other VET qualification. Trainers and assessors must have the relevant capabilities, particularly in relation to conducting assessment. The VET sector requires rigorous assessment to occur to confidently ensure that Australia has an appropriately skilled workforce.

ASQA’s findings—applications to add TAE products to scope

ASQA’s assessment of applications to add TAE training products to scope has clearly indicated that many providers’ TAE training and assessment strategies and practices are not of the quality required for these critical qualifications. ASQA has identified several key areas where applicants are failing to meet the required standard.

Ensuring the amount of training is adequate

ASQA has found many RTOs applying to add TAE qualifications to scope have not ensured the amount of training they provide is adequate for each learner to achieve the required skills and knowledge. These RTOs have not demonstrated that the amount of training to be provided has been soundly based on each learner’s characteristics, skills and experiences.

Developing training and assessment strategies

RTOs have not developed strategies for training and assessment that provide sufficient and accurate information at the macro level to guide trainers and assessors (in relation to the training and assessment arrangements to be undertaken).

Developing assessment tools and materials

ASQA has found applicants for TAE qualifications have developed assessment tools and materials that do not address:

  • all the Training Package requirements, and/or
  • the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence.

In some cases, ASQA has found RTOs have awarded learners AQF TAE qualifications without adequately assessing whether those learners meet the unit of competency’s knowledge and skill requirements.

Showing how validation has contributed to training and assessment arrangements

Applicants need to describe how the training and assessment arrangements for the TAE training products have been influenced by the outcomes of independent validation conducted for both:

  • the TAE training products, and
  • non TAE training products.

ASQA has found applicants are not providing evidence that the validation has considered the assessment processes and outcomes.

Providing the required evidence with your application

Applicants for TAE qualifications:

  • have not supplied evidence to meet each of the listed evidence requirements, and
  • have supplied files that do not relate to the evidence requirement they are addressing.

Developing your application to add TAE training products to your RTO’s scope

If you are applying to add TAE training products to your RTO’s scope of registration:

  • consider the issues ASQA has identified above and ensure your application addresses these issues
  • review your intended strategies for training and assessment—in particular:
    • make sure the learning and training opportunities for each learner are adequate, and
    • make sure the planned assessment will be thorough
    • make sure the planned assessment covers each of the unit of competency requirements
  • ensure your application is complete—ASQA will not accept incomplete applications
  • include a document that maps each of the documents you are submitting against the listed evidence requirements.

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