What evidence could I provide to show trainers and assessors have current industry skills? (Clauses 1.13 - 1.16)


To confirm trainers and assessors have current industry skills, and that all training and assessment is delivered by people who are themselves competent practitioners, RTOs should ideally ensure that trainers and assessors are regularly exposed to industry workplaces and participate in workplace tasks.

Training and assessment:

  • should only be provided by those who have current industry skills and knowledge, and
  • is best provided by those who can undertake all of the tasks defined in the elements of units of competency and modules to industry standards.

RTOs are expected to take appropriate steps to authenticate information about trainer/assessor skills currency. This may include:

  • contacting the provider named on a trainer/assessor’s qualification to confirm that the document is genuine, and
  • conducting referee checks at the time of employment to confirm relevant industry experience.

You should retain evidence of:

  • how you have authenticated trainer/assessor skills currency, and
  • the results of industry engagement that has confirmed the required skills and knowledge for trainers and assessors.
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