I work for a small RTO and am also the only trainer and assessor in my specific industry area. How can our RTO validate assessments? (Clauses 1.9 – 1.11)


You may undertake validation through a ‘team’ approach, where collectively, team members hold the required qualifications, skills and knowledge. Trainers and assessors who are involved in the training and assessment delivery being considered as part of the validation process may also participate in validation activities, as long as they are not directly involved in deciding the validation outcome for their assessment decisions.

In selecting a validation team, choose a lead validator who is independent of delivery and assessment of the training product being validated and the assessment judgements being considered, to maintain professional distance and integrity.

Combined, the people involved in validation must have:

  • appropriate vocational competencies
  • current industry skills and knowledge
  • an appropriate training and assessment qualification or assessor skill set, and
  • current knowledge and skills in vocational teaching and learning.
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